Church Assistance Endowment Fund

CHURCH ASSISTANCE ENDOWMENT FUND Established through the Venture in Mission campaign to assist congregations with maintenance of their buildings. Administered by COEDMO, grants are awarded annually. The fund principal is permanently restricted. The granting guidelines (from 2017) are as follows:

  1. A congregation may apply for a grant, of up to $10,000, to be used for capital improvements and/or repairs. 
  2. A congregation may not receive more than two grants over four consecutive years from this Fund. 
  3.  Grants will be awarded based on a completed application. Such application, among other things, will outline the need for the project, its purpose, what sources of funds the congregation will use to ensure funds cover the entire cost of the project, and a future plan for upkeep. 
  4. Priority will be given to health, safety and accessibility and these areas should be addressed in the cover letter of the application when appropriate. 
  5. Grant recipients must complete the project within eighteen months from the date of award, or forfeit the grant. A forfeited grant recipient may re-apply the following year. 
  6. Parishes shall submit a progress report nine months after receipts of the grant. 
  7. A request for a project that has already received a grant cannot be submitted again. 
  8. A request cannot be made for a project that has already been completed. 
  9.  Money that is not spent will carry over to the next year.

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Contact: Desiree Brattin, Executive Director of Finance and Administration

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