We are grateful to Confluence: A Roofless Center for Spirituality in the Diocese of Missouri for providing us with prayers throughout our bishop search, election and transition process. 

We encourage everyone to pray for Bishop Wayne Smith as he prepares to retire, and for Bishop-elect Deon Johnson as he prepares to join us in the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri.

We thank the Rev. Paul Metzler for serving as chaplain to the bishop nominees and for his continued pastoral guidance as we move forward in the transition phase. 

for the
Bishop-Elect and Diocese of Missouri
Transition to the Ordination & Seating of the New Bishop

Prepared by
CONFLUENCE, a Roofless Center for Spirituality in the Diocese of Missouri
to enable us to pray regularly as individuals, groups and parishes
during the months as our Bishop-elect and Diocese prepare for the transition.


Good and gracious God, we stand on the threshold of a new time for our diocese.  As we cross that threshold hand in hand in thankfulness with our new Bishop-elect, Deon Johnson, pour upon us an abundance of your grace and guidance that together we may seek to be about the building up of your Kingdom in this place.  We pray in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.


Download monthly prayers from December 2019 through April 2020 for our bishop transition. 

Download the list of weekly collects or prayers from August 2019 through the bishop election, Nov. 23, 2019.

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