Bishop Search: Working Timeline

April 26, 2018
Bishop announces retirement to Standing Committee. Bishop Todd Ousley, Bishop for Pastoral Development in the Episcopal Church meets with Standing Committee
April 27, 2018
Bishop announces retirement to his staff, clergy, and leadership in the diocese
July 12, 2018
Standing Committee selects and begins work with transition consultant, the Rev. Gary Butterworth
 Standing Committee gathers materials and drafts theological statement and diocesan prayer, establishes process timeline,  establishes qualifications and selection process for committee members and chairs.
Aug. 25, 2018
Standing Committee retreat with the Rev. Gary Butterworth
Sept. 22, 2018
Applications due for Search/Nominating Committee
 Standing Committee selects and oversees a Search and Nominations Committee
Sept. 27, 2018
Oct. 24, 2018
SC begins application review to discern committee
Standing Committee announces Search/Nominating Committee
Nov 30-Dec 1
 S/N Committee retreat with the Rev. Gary Butterworth, search transition consultant. The Standing Committee will join the beginning of the retreat to commission the S/N Committee members
 The Search and Nomination Committee establishes ground rules and procedures for the search process, develops and conducts survey, prepares preliminary and expanded questionnaires for nominees.
 The Search and Nomination Committee solicits names, screens candidates, interviews semi-final nominees, then a slate of candidates is announced

Dec. 2018-April 2019



Self-Study; Holy Conversations; Surveys
Writing the diocesan profile, creating application process

May 1, 2019



Diocesan Profile published

Sept 9-13, 2019



Sept 16-20, 2019


Slate of Nominees for Bishop published

After announcement of candidates, Transition Committee takes the lead. Events are planned for diocesan members to learn more about the candidates.


Petition process begins

Standing Committee selects and oversees a Transitions Committee



Nov 4-8, 2019




November 22, 2019



Election of the next bishop takes place during the 180th Diocesan Convention, held in St. Louis


April 25, 2020



Ordination, Consecration, and Installation of the next bishop. The crozier passes from Bishop Wayne to the next Bishop of Missouri. [Confirmed date.]