General Convention 2009

The 76th General Convention of the Episcopal Church is currently in session, July 8-17, in Anaheim, CA.


The 46th Triennial of the Episcopal Church Women also meets on these dates in Anaheim. Our diocese's ECW is sending Karen Birr, Peg Cooper, Carolyn Daniels and Cheryl Ward to the Triennial. They will report back to us at ECW's speaker series on Saturday, August 8, 2009

Three diocesan listening sessions took place in the first weeks of June. After convention we will offer hearing sessions, for the deputation to report back to you in person.

Send any questions you have about General Convention and this diocese to

Our deputation from the Diocese of Missouri:
The Rt. Rev. Wayne Smith (serving as Chair of the Cognate Committee on Liturgy and the Prayer Book)

C1. The Very Rev. Ronald Clingenpeel (serving on the committee on Ecumenical and Interfath Relations)
C2. The Rev. Jack Fleming (serving on the committee on National and International Concerns)
C3. The Rev. Lydia Agnew Speller (serving on the committee on Ministry)
C4. The Rev. Tamsen Whistler
C5. The Rev. Jason Samuel (alternate)
L1. Mr. Michael Clark
L2. Mr. Jay Kloeker
L3. Ms. Jeanette Huey (serving on the committee on Stewardship and Development)
L4. Mrs. Kathryn Dyer
L5. Mr. Donald Fisher (alternate)
L6. Mrs. Margaret Bowman (alternate)