General Convention, Deputation


The General Convention is the governing body of The Episcopal Church. Every three years it meets as a bicameral legislature that includes the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops, composed of deputies and bishops from each diocese. The General Convention also includes Interim Bodies which meet between the triennial sessions to accomplish ongoing work and tasks set in the triennial sessions. The last session of the General Convention was in Austin Texas in July of 2018. The next session of the General Convention will meet in Baltimore in 2021.



Missouri's Deputation to the General Convention

Our deputation maintains a blog, which becomes active preceding each General Convention. For previous information about and from Missouri's deputation, please visit

The deputation to the 78th General Convention in their report to the 176th Diocesan Convention in November 2015, created these guides for the diocese:




Deputation to General Convention 2021

Clergy Deputies:

C1. The Rev. Beth Scriven,
        Rockwell House Campus Ministry
C2.  The Rev. Tamsen Whistler,
         Rector, Trinity Episcopal Church, St. Charles
C3.  The Rev. Leslie Scoopmire,
         Priest-in-Charge, St. Martin's Episcopal Church, Ellisville
C4.  The Rev. Mike Angell,
         Rector, Episcopal Church of the Holy Communion, University City
C5. (Alternate 1) The Rev. Renee Fenner,
         Priest-in-Charge, All Saints and Ascension, Northwoods
C6.  (Alternate 2) The Rev. Todd McDowell,
         Rector, Grace Episcopal Church, Kirkwood

Lay Deputies:

L1.  Shug Goodlow,
         Christ Church Cathedral
L2.  Betty Bowersox,
         Grace Episcopal Church, Kirkwood
L3.  Michael Booker,
         St. Francis Episcopal Church, Eureka
L4.  Liz Yount,
         St. Peter's Episcopal Church, Ladue
L5.  (Alternate 1) Lisa Fox, 
         Grace Episcopal Church, Jefferson City
L6.  (Alternate 2) Adrienne Dillon,
         All Saints and Ascension, Northwoods
L7.  (Alternate 3) Patricia O'Brien,
         Grace Episcopal Church, Kirkwood
L8.  (Alternate 4) Chris Masters, 
         Christ Episcopal Church, Cape Girardeau