Diocesan Council

The Diocesan Council is made up of six lay persons elected at-large for staggered terms of three years and one lay and one clergy representative elected by each of the Convocations. The Bishop also appoints three members of the Diocesan Council subject to ratification by the elected members. The Bishop serves as chair of the Diocesan Council and appoints a vice chair to serve in his or her absence.

The Diocesan Council does the work of the Diocesan Convention when Convention is not in session, including:

  • development of the Program Budget
  • oversight of the programs and offices funded by the budget
  • oversight and interpretation of diocesan policies
  • members of this committee also serve as members of COEDMO, the Corporation of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri

The complete duties and responsibilities of Diocesan Council are contained in The Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Missouri. The main section is Canon III.6, with other shorter references throughout (the online pdf version is searchable by word or text).

More Info

Contact for Council members in the Offices of the Bishop is Tracy Grigsby.
Information regarding Council from Canon to the Ordinary, Doris Westfall.