Resolutions committee

By July 1 the resolutions committee will cause to be publicized through diocesan publications and mailings, who may submit resolutions and the submission procedure for consideration by the Diocesan Convention. (The committee will contact the president/chair of each convocation, president of the Standing Committee, the vice-chair of the Diocesan Council, and the chair of the General Convention deputation.) The committee collects all resolutions submitted at least 50 days prior to convention. (Each resolution submitted must include a rationale.)

They then meet to review submitted resolutions, combine similar resolutions if appropriate, make sure submitted resolutions are in line with the National and Diocesan Canons, if desired check with appropriate diocesan bodies for input, standardize language, and then accept, reject or modify resolutions.

The committee will submit accepted and modified resolutions for the second diocesan mailing, and meet to draft courtesy resolutions. Under the direction of the presiding officer, the committee will propose resolutions to convention.

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