Nominations committee

Nominations committee invites you to consider standing for a leadership role this year.

Do you see yourself, or a parish colleague, in one of these leadership positions?


The nominations committee first meets by June 1 with appropriate representatives of the Offices of the Bishop to determine the vacancies to be filled by election at the following convention of the Diocese of Missouri. By June 30, the committee will contact the president/chair of each convocation, president of the Standing Committee, the vice-chair of the Diocesan Council and the bishop to solicit suggestions for potential candidates.

The committee will cause to be publicized through diocesan publications and mailings the vacancies to be filled by election. The committee is encouraged to promote new potential leaders to each position. The committee shall endeavor to nominate three (3) candidates for each position. (Canonical requirement.)

The committee shall contact any suggested/nominated persons seeking their permission to be nominated and collect written consents and biographical information. (Canonical.) The committee shall forward nominations with appropriate documentation to the Secretary of Convention no fewer than fifty (50) days prior to convention. (Canonical.)

The committee shall conduct elections under the direction of the presiding officer. (Canonical.)

The committee will meet a minimum of once a month in June, July, and August to discuss progress towards meeting the obligations of the committee.

More Info

Contact: Mr. Rich Luebcke, committee chair