Constitution and Canons committee

from the Constitution and Canons of the Diocese of Missouri:

TITLE V: The Constitution and Canons

ARTICLE V.1 Omissions in the Constitution or Canons
All ecclesiastical matters not expressly provided for by this Constitution or the Canons are within the authority and jurisdiction of the ecclesiastical authority of the Diocese.

ARTICLE V.2 Amendments to Constitution Any proposal to amend this Constitution shall be made in writing, and must first receive preliminary approval by a majority of the Voting Members of Convention, voting as one body. An approved amendment shall then be held over for consideration until the next meeting of Convention, which, if the Bishop approve the amendment, may adopt it by the affirmative vote of a majority of the Voting Members of both Orders, voting separately. If the Bishop objects to the amendment, it shall require for adoption the affirmative vote of two thirds of the Voting Members of each Order, voting separately.

ARTICLE V.3 Implementation of Amendments The Standing Committee shall determine both the scheduling and implementation of amendments to this Constitution, including procedures for nomination, election, term of office and initial date of service. All such determinations shall be subject to ratification by the meeting of Convention at which the Amendments are adopted.

CANON III.3 Permanent Committees of Convention
SECTION 1. The Permanent Committees of the Convention shall be:
I. Lay Credentials and Admission of New Parishes and Missions
II. Constitution and Canons
III. Dispatch of Business
IV. Resolutions

CANON III.4 Consideration of Resolutions
SECTION 1. a. All proposed resolutions to amend the Constitution or Canons shall be submitted to the Chair of the Committee on Constitution and Canons at least 50 days prior to the opening date of the next meeting of Convention. 

c. Once a proposal has been submitted to the appropriate Permanent Committee of Convention, it becomes the “property” of that Committee, and may be accepted, rejected or modified as the Committee sees fit. In addition, the appropriate Permanent Committee may initiate proposed resolutions within the area of its jurisdiction.

d. At least two weeks prior to the opening date of the next meeting of Convention, draft reports from the Resolutions Committee and the Committee on Constitution and Canons, together with any resolutions to be proposed by such Committees, shall be mailed to the Members of Convention.

e. Each Permanent Committee recommending resolutions shall, during temporary recess of the Annual Meeting of Convention, have at least one open meeting for the hearing of comments from Members of Convention. After such hearing or hearings and before Convention takes up the proposed resolutions for action, the Committee shall reconvene and may withdraw or modify its proposed resolutions or propose other or additional resolutions, provided only that the same shall not depart substantially from the general subject matter of the proposals mailed to the Members before Convention.

f. Proposed resolutions not submitted according to the provisions of this Canon may be considered by the Convention only by consent of two thirds of Convention.

SEC. 2. Any resolution the implementation of which can reasonably be expected to involve material expense to the Diocese shall be accompanied by a statement of the anticipated expense. The Secretary shall refer such resolutions and statements to Diocesan Council for review before the resolutions are submitted to Members of Convention, and Diocesan Council shall provide a separate estimate of expense if it believes the estimate provided by the proponent is materially inaccurate.

SEC. 3. Resolutions other than those amending the Constitution or Canons shall be effective until the next meeting of Convention only, unless stated to extend beyond that time. Such resolutions so stated may nonetheless be amended or rescinded at any subsequent meeting of Convention. Promptly following the close of a meeting of Convention, the Diocesan Office shall provide to Diocesan Council, the Standing Committee, the President or Chair of each Convocation and all Rectors and Vicars copies of all resolutions adopted by Convention.

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