178th Diocesan Convention in 2017

The 178th meeting of the Convention of the Episcopal Diocese of Missouri is planned for Nov. 17-18, 2017, in Hannibal, Missouri.

Convention theme is "The Mighty Waters: Baptism and Reconciliation."

Keynote addresses from the Rev. Charles (Chuck) Wynder, Jr., the Presiding Bishop’s Staff Officer for Social Justice and Advocacy Engagement and the Rev. Hope Welles Jernagan, Executive Director of Magdalene St. Louis.

The convention will meet at the Quality Inn and Suites in Hannibal, with Trinity Church serving as host. We will celebrate the Convention Eucharist at the Star Theatre in downtown Hannibal, which will also be the venue for the banquet.


More Info

The Rev. Joe Chambers, Canon to the Ordinary; Michael Reiser, convention planner, convention@diocesemo.org