Diocesan Convention

The Diocesan Convention is made up of active clergy canonically resident in the Diocese and lay delegates elected by the congregations. The Diocesan Convention meets annually (or more often in special circumstances) to:

  • approve the Program Budget
  • hear reports on the activities of the Diocese
  • vote on resolutions that set the tone and direction of the Diocese
  • elect at-large members of the Standing Committee and Diocesan Council and every three years lay and clergy deputies to the General Convention of the Episcopal Church
  • elect a bishop when necessary

Upcoming Conventions

The next meetings of convention will be:

The 180th Annual Meeting of Convention will be held Nov. 22-23, 2019, in St. Louis at Christ Church Cathedral. It will be a nominating convention for the 12th Bishop of the Diocese of Missouri

The 181st Annual Meeting of Convention will be held , in St. Louis.



All inquiries about Diocesan Conventions should be directed to (314) 231-1220 or convention@diocesemo.org.

Journals of Convention

More Info


Michael Reiser, convention coordinator, convention@diocesemo.org
The Rev. Marc Smith, Secretary of Convention
The Rev. Joe Chambers, Canon to the Ordinary